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  • Chinese Herbal Medicine:
    Did you know many of us have Chinese herbs in our kitchen or backyard? If you cook with ginger, sesame seeds or eat goji berries, you have used Chinese herbs. The dandelions that tend to overcrowd your yard are a very beneficial plant in Chinese medicine. Chinese Herbal Medicine is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and can be used alone or in conjunction with acupuncture treatments.  Herbs can be used alone or combined to make teas(Tang), capsules, tinctures, & powder. Herbs can treat a variety of conditions and diseases. They can aid in immune boosting reaction, body balance, digestive issues, weight issues, chronic pain, allergies, respiratory disorders, and aid in killing bacteria and viruses in acute conditions. The prescription of herbs is individual and is based on diagnosis and syndrome differentiation determined by your Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

    Chinese Dietary Nutrition:
    According to Chinese Medicine, food has energetic and healing properties.  Food is divided into categories based on the temperature and flavor.  Depending on the specific property of the food, it may have the ability to move Qi (energy), increase blood circulation, or target and strengthen certain organs.  The theory of nutrition used for healing dates back thousands of years and is based on ancient wisdom.  The principle focuses on balancing and harmonizing your diet based on the principle of Yin & Yang to properly nourish the body. If done properly, Chinese nutrition can aid in healing and can prevent diseases.