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  • Chasity Wagner is a magically talented healer. I went to Chasity with debilitating migraine headaches and she completely healed me. I have been getting weekly massages, acupuncture, cupping and other Chinese medicine practices from Chasity for 11 years. I have seen tremendous results – stress relief, migraine relieve, better sleep, quicker recovery from exercise, smoother muscle tone (reduction in cellulite). Not only is Chasity gifted with her craft, she also is inspiring and knowledgeable in the entire field of health and wellness. Her presence is peaceful, professional and serene. She has enriched my life in so many ways with her therapeutic treatments.

    Margaret W.

  • I noticed a numbing sensation in my right hand/arm, that would often happen when I was working out. The sensation soon turned into a serve pain that was radiating from my shoulder. I knew I needed to seek treatment. 6 months later, I had gone to countless doctor's appointments and wasted a ton of money, yet I still had no relief. I was in pain all day and was having trouble sleeping at night. Finally, I decided to go see Chas for a treatment. After the first treatment, I felt a relaxation I had not felt in a long time! I was actually able to sleep the entire night (which had not happened in months)! Chas set me up on a treatment plan for my shoulder, which allowed me to get back into my old workout routines in a few weeks! Not only did Chas help me with my shoulder pain, she treated me for allergies, issues with sleep, and general pain and soreness from working out or my job. Chas is amazing and her treatments will make you feel completely refreshed!

    Hannah Cash

  • When I first met Chasity in 2014, I was dealing with chronic foot pain due to an achilles tendon injury and plantar fasciitis. I could barely walk within hours of running even short distances. Chasity introduced me to her practice and began working on my feet. With regular treatments, my pain was gone within about 6 weeks and has not returned since. I can now easily run and recover pain free.

    Gary V.

  • My name is Britt and I have been seeing Chasity for years. She has worked her magic on all four of my children as well. Chasity has this unbelievable ability to ease any stress or trauma. She has a genuine concern for her talent and has taken her education towards this gift with unrelenting effort and drive. She also has a resounding peace that filtrates a room. It becomes infectious and healing. It is a highlight for us to have her come to our home. In the past I had only had massages from Chasity yet a serious back injury resulting in two herniated disc has brought me back to her with an open mind for further treatment. She suggested acupuncture and I did not hesitate to follow her lead. I was told by several Doctors that surgery was going to be my best option. I tried physical therapy and steroid injections yet nothing gave me relief and a sense of hope as when I had acupuncture with Chasity. I am such a believer that I have signed up my eldest son who suffers from back pain due to a stress fracture and growth pains. I will forever turn to her for her advice and consider myself so fortunate that out paths are able to cross. Chasity is a beautiful person who has shared her passion to correct all the wrongs we put upon ourselves. I can not imagine where I would be with out her.